Van Orsouw Kunststoffen

Van Orsouw Kunststoffen is specializing in plastic injection molding products for over 35 years. Everybody product is custom made for each customer. This is also called custom molding. The entire process, from the design of the mold to the realization of the product is done by van Orsouw Kunststoffen. This is possible because of the fact van Orsouw Kunststoffen can make its own molds. This fact always makes the lines of communication short and direct, so you are properly informed of the progress.

The process of injection molding

With injection molding, plastic is supplied in the form of plastic-material granules and melted to a viscous mass. This mass is injected into a mold under high pressure, of which the cavity  has the form of the desired product. By cooling the plastic material solidifies and one gets the desired product. Injection molding is one of the most widely used design techniques for plastic parts.


It is possible with injection molding to create complex products. However, due to the cost of making a mold, injection molding is only suitable for large production volumes. Of course, you can also provide us with your own mold. Injection molding products can be used as lighting, heating, plumbing, automitive, high-tech, electronics, catering for different purposes.


Gebr. van Orsouw – the garage has been moved

The Gebr van Orsouw garage is sold to Autobedrijf ACX and has been moved to a new location.  Read more >>

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