PVC tendon

Van Orsouw Kunststoffen can extrude in-house since recent. Extruding is the making of PVC tendon in diameters ranging from 3 till 14 millimetres. Extruding is a continue process which can produce an infinite length. Extrusion profiles can be made of soft PVC. The extrusion profile is formed by complex-shaped holes in the mould, this can be a solid or a hollow profile.

The extrusion process

In the extrusion machine; an extruder, plastic grains are melted into one mass. This mass is pressed through a mould by means of a screw. The extrusion machine causes that the molten mass takes the shape of the desired endless profile.Because the plastic passes through various cooling calibres, the extruded profile is cooled down in several steps.At the end of the production line, the extrusion profile is shortened to the desired length and packaged. The packaging is specially tailored to the profile, for example on bobbins, cardboard boxes, wooden crates, bags, etc.

Most commonly used materials

In principle, all thermoplastic synthetic materials, and all metal can be extruded. Preferably plastic materials are used with a low viscosity. Upon exiting the extrusion the profile should not lose its shape before it cools. Most commonly used are PC, PE, PP, ABS, PS, PC, POM, PMMA en SB (Styreen-Butadieen). Also soft plastics such as EVA, Z-PVC, TPE, TPV are extruded.